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Mass Effect 2 – N7 Armor Build – Female Update 3

Day 7: Other than painting and attaching some strapping, the back torso is finished.

For the lighting on the shoulder blades I am using some simple sets of battery operated Christmas lights, 30 LED’s total. (powered by 4 AA’s) To install them I simply used an ice pick to puncture holes into the foam where the lights should go. Then I just push the LED’s through the rear of the piece. I then took some semi opaque tubing and cut it to form a cover that fit down over the lights. Using a transparent stain I painted the tubing the correct color. (may still put on another coat to even the color out a little) For the center ring and lower light strip on the tail bone I used about 3 foot of EL wire. (powered by a 9 volt)

The battery packs are stored inside the center piece on the back. Power stitches are easily accessible at the top opening where it joins with the collar.

2 responses

  1. Lauren Taber

    Hey there! You are so crazy good! This is amazing! I was wondering just when ever you have time could you tell me where you got the faom and how thick they are for the female suit? I’m dying to make it! I ant find it any where in stores. I’ve been to walmart,auto zone and home depot and I can’t find it lol. Thanks so much!

    January 20, 2012 at 8:44 pm

    • All the places you mentioned usually carry the foam, though not always in the correct patterns or colors needed. If you ask the employees to help you find EVA foam they most likely wont have a clue what your talking about. Tell them you want interlocking foam floor padding like used for gym, playroom or garage floors. (which means you’ll find it in the Auto or sporting goods sections) Lately I have been finding the proper patterned foam from K-mart (on sale this week $12.99 a 6 pack) Its generally 1/2 inch thickness.

      January 20, 2012 at 11:36 pm

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