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l33T Sewing skills!

I wasn’t able to get as much finished in the last 24 hours as I would have liked. While I may have Macgyver like skills with hot glue and floor mats, one of the purest and oldest costume making skills still eludes me to this day. Sewing.

I suck at sewing, did I mention that? (My idea of sewing is that tape you iron) Anyhow, just hand sewing the elastic harness to the clips and hardware took me the better part of the evening. I’m using heavy duty elastic, nylon strapping and Velcro to harness the armor together, so a little thick for machine sewing. (plus the sewing machine scares me) So after stabbing myself for several hours I have all the harness for the torso sewn but still have to install some of it, which I’m doing right now. Shoulder armor delayed until tomorrow.

Using double sided Velcro as the strapping here, which can be adjusted to size. Since the bands themselves are Velcro I can later create a panel that simply sticks on to encase and cover up the strapping, making the breast plate seem as one continuous piece from front to back.

Also spent a while today doing an email interview of sorts for a video game blog site.
Featured news story now on

2 responses

  1. I saw your costume on ripten and cosplay. I absolutely love your work and I’m so happy you have updates on how you make the armor. Its so interesting to see how you make it! I cannot wait to see more.

    June 29, 2010 at 2:34 am

  2. Hello Bioweapons,
    so I’ve been looking over how you put this costume together. I am building a body armor of a slightly different design, but same material for a friends music video.. and I had a couple of questions.
    1. did you use a black marker to color all the carved areas? They seem darker then the rest and between pics i can see a difference from when you first did it and during assemblying.

    2. Did you color over the pattern areas as well? They seem to stand out more toward the end as if you put an enamel or something on it.

    3. when you went to paint the stripes on.. what type of paint did you use? automotive, spray or brush on, acrylic or latex?

    just my thoughts. Thank you again for the blog. I have looked at using this material for some time and now have a reason too. Your information has been extremely helpful.
    Thank you for your time,
    R. Michael Chrisco

    March 25, 2011 at 2:55 am

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