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N7 Update

Doing minor tweaks and alterations to the various parts of the suits. One of the things I have learned from wearing costumes for long periods of time is they need to be comfortable and properly fitted to ensure they hold up well and don’t have any malfunctions while wearing them. So basically I’ve just been doing some minor alterations and adjustments to them. Once I get that out of the way the only things left are the lower legs and feet, then it’s coloring/painting time!

Here is a photo from a recent test fit of the female. No belt installed on it yet so she had to hold the legs in place for the photo.

Insectoid Guyver Helmet back up for sale!

Second Chance! This Item is being re-listed due to the previous hi bidder backing out of the auction at the last minute. This is a fully wearable, one of a kind, Insectoid Guyver Helmet created by Evil FX (aka The Guyver Guy, aka me) of and comes with a signed and dated C.O.A.

Please help support the “Get my ass to Dragon*Con” Fund!

The new Auction listing can be found here:

Mass Effect Costumes Combined Day 23

Day 23: Knee armor for both Male and Female completed.

Mass Effect Costumes Combined Day 22

Day 22: Taking some time to iron out some of the mechanical details on the suits before I move on to the lower legs. Installed elastic joints into the elbows to allow them to stay connected and bend.

Short video showing the elbow assembly on the Male.

Mass Effect Costumes Combined Day 21

Day 21:Got all the strapping for the upper legs finished and installed on Male and Female.

Mass Effect Costumes Combined Day 20

Day 20: Now working on both Male and Female costumes together. Total build time so far for both suits combined is 20 days.

Upper leg armors almost finished. Still have to add the buckles, strapping and a little more detailing.



Male Shepard N7 Armor Days 1 Thru 6

Day 1: Chest assembled, cod almost finished, upper back base finished, rib strapping installed. The Black areas I simply sanded the pattern off.


Male Day 2: Got most of the collar cut and assembled, and the parts for the back roughed out.


Clips from first test fit on Jane. (Jane is the Female characters default name in game, which also happens to be her real name) Her costume blog can be found here.


First off a tip for the hardware and strapping. If you go to the fabric stores you can find all the elastic, Velcro, Nylon strapping and hardware you need for costumes,… it’s also going to cost you a good bit of money. Simple plastic eyelets and clips can cost $2 or $3 EACH, strapping $3 or $4 a yard, ect. What I do is go to the thrift stores and look for tote type bags which have the strapping and plastic hardware I need. For about $1 to $3 I can get several clips, eyes and a yard of strapping from each bag, which ends up being much cheaper.

Male Day 3: Making up some lost time, I got the lighting installed into the back pieces, attached the collar to the back base and added the shoulder strapping and collar clips.

Another few days and I should have the Male caught up with the Female progress. I decided it would be much easier to work on both suits at the same time rather than separately.


Male Day 4: Back fully assembled, only need to install the light covers on the shoulder blades. Also added a layer to the bottom of the abdomen which still needs to be evened out, sanded and beveled. Tomorrow I should be able to at least knock out the shoulders and biceps.


Male Day 5: Shoulders and biceps finished. Cut and prepped LED light covers but still need to glue them in place. On the Male LED covers, rather than using a semi opaque white tubing and then staining it the correct color, I found some transparent aqua colored tubing which looks much better. I’ll probably go back and replace the ones on the Female Armor to match.

Tomorrow, forearm and hand armor. At this pace I should have no problem finishing them in time for Dragon*Con.


Male Day 6: Forearms and hand armor finished. I had hoped to get more completed tonight, but alas not everything turns out right on the first attempt. I made my forearm patterns about 1/2 inch to narrow and only realized it after cutting them out and having them almost put together. I ended up starting over completely which cost me a few hours, but the second set turned out looking much better.

Both suits are now approximately 40% complete. From here on I will be working on both suits at the same time.