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Fem Shepard Final Test Fitting

Final test fitting on the Female N7.


Less than 2 days before I head out for Dragon Con and much still to do. I don’t have the time to post very detailed updates right now so I’ll just be uploading some raw photos to the gallery here for everyone to check out.

Sorry for not replying to messages, emails and comments recently. As soon as I return (recover) from the con I’ll catch up with everything.

The Final Countdown

Not much time for progress updates currently, just too busy trying to finish things. Only a few days left before Dragon Con. I got most of the female painted last night in a marathon session. Sadly my airbrush compressor burned up at 4 in the morning,.. bound to happen when you run them for 6 hours strait. If I cant fix it then it’s back to “Bone Knives and Bearskins” (brushed paint jobs)

Hoping to get the female 100% tonight and then start to figure out and tape off the male for paint.

Mostly painted before the compressor died. Still have to add the gloss coat.

M8’s Almost Complete

M8 Rifles are almost complete now. Only going to do a little more detail paint work on these, then seal them and call ’em finished. I’ve spent all the time I can afford on the guns and need to move back to completing the costumes.

One step forward, 10 steps back!

Some of you may have read my girlfriends posts on the RPF stating that I recently found a very large tree laying in my master bedroom. Luckily I was in another room working on my M8’s when it happened. This is why I have not posted any updates or replied to any messages recently. I was finally able to get the electrical inspected and restored just a few days ago. (10 days later) But I’m happy to say that repairs to my home are almost complete now.

Needless to say after this happened I had basically written off Dragon Con and finishing the new costumes in time. However, thanks to the incredible support of my family, friends, neighbors and my wonderful girlfriend, I WILL be at Dragon Con and the costumes WILL be ready in time. With that said, here is my latest progress update.

Progress Day … er,.. What day is today?
Having no electricity makes prop making a real pain in the ass. Most of the progress done to these since the last update photo was accomplished using nothing but scissors, sandpaper and spray adhesive. (3M Super 77) It’s hard for me to estimate the time I put in on them since the last posing. Most of the time I was too exhausted to get much real progress done. Mostly I just fiddled with them to try and keep my sanity during everything.

Still some detailing and coloring to do on them but the body’s are pretty much finished. They are not as accurate as I would have liked, but with no electricity I had no access to my reference images. The only thing I had to work off of was the rough diagram I sketched to make the base patterns and my memory.

M8 Assault Rifles Day 1

Started a test to see if the EVA will work for making a few guns. Doing these as speed builds so probably not going to be exact or perfect. I should have these both finished in 2 or 3 days tops.

First I made a quick drawing of the M8 Assault Rifle and cut it out of the foam. I cut channels inside and inserted a skeleton to keep it rigid. Got the cores for both guns cut, assembled and rough sanded the edges. Also got the next layers for them rough cut. 2 layers thick for the core of the gun. It will be 6 layers thick in total using the 1/2 inch thickness foam. This means a lot of seams on the edges but I plan to skin just about everything with 1/8 thick foam sheeting. At this point I’m just building it up to then sand down into the proper shape.

N7 Armor Day 29

Day 29: Got the toe armor attached to the female boots and the boot tongue covers for both sets cut out. Also made a new set of N7 insignias, this time using construction paper on heavy card stock to prevent any colors bleeding like they did on the painted ones, again coating them with a heavy layer of clear resin to give them some depth.