Custom Costume Builds

N7 Update Day 27

First off a reminder that 2 of my auctions on Ebay are ending tonight, one for a Custom Guyver Helmet and one for a very nice Handblown Art Glass Vase, both of which I myself hand crafted. I need to sell these to help fund my trip to Dragon Con where I hope to debut my N7 Costumes so please check them out.

Day 27: I got the hand armor attached to the gloves and have started to work on the shoes and the N7 Logos that will go on the armor. I used E6000 to attach the pieces to the fronts of the boots (still have to do some detailing to the toes and attach the rest of the coverings) For the logos I have painted the logos onto some heavy card stock and will cut them out and surface coat them with a clear resin to give them a nice glossy 3-D finish effect. The hand armor parts are simply glued onto the gloves. The hands are the only part of the suit that the armor is actually attached to the under suit, since they are so small this is really the only way to attach them. All other parts of the armor are held in place using harnesses and strapping and worn just like real armor would be.

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