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Warhammer 40K Bolter

Just something I have been messing around with the last few days. Made entirely from EVA foam (just like my M8 Assault rifles) Rather than inserting a metal skeleton in this one I just hacked up and modded a Nerf gun for the core and handle.

Day 3 Progress: Still a lot of detailing/paint to add but the base of the gun is now finished. Scope is removable. The emblems will be sculpted/cast and attached last.

Back From DragonCon

Back home now and exhausted. As always Dragon Con was amazing! I had a great time talking to and meeting hundreds of new people and catching up with my old friends. One of the highlights was getting to meet and hang out with Mark Meer who does the Voice of Shepard in the Mass Effect Games. When I am more coherent I may post a more detailed rundown of the convention, but for now I need sleep and mass doses of vitamin C.

The Foam armor held up better than I could have ever hoped. We wore the armors for most of Saturday and Sunday, did a lot of walking, running, climbing stairs, posing for photos and partying in them. Admittedly, I was rather drunk for a good portion of this time and was not even trying to be careful in avoiding damage to the suit. By the end of the weekend it only needed to be touched up with a black sharpie in a few small places where paint had gotten scratched off. (mostly under the arms on the sides) I would have to say that it passed with flying colors.

If anyone has or finds photos or Video of the Shepard costumes please let me know. I was hoping to get a proper photo shoot done while at the con but unfortunately it didn’t happen. As regular attendees know it can be difficult to plan for much of anything as you never know what is going to happen next at Dragon Con.

Here is a few photos that Jane took of me in my completed N7 Armor. As I find more photos online I’ll try to link to them. You can also find more photos on my Facebook profile.

Off to Dragon Con!

With only a few hours left before I hit the road for Dragon Con I thought I would make one last posting. The N7 Armors are packed in their cases and ready to go. I did a final test fitting on the male last night, but since I was by myself I decided against taking cheesy photos of myself in the mirror, so pics of the Male Shepard will have to wait until I return.

The N7’s are not as complete as I wanted them to be, the whole tree incident took about 2 weeks off of the build so I couldn’t finish everything I had planned. Mostly small things like the Helmets/Visors and installing the magnetic panels on the back and on the M8’s (so they stick onto the back of the suits) I did manage to get some belt ammo pouches knocked out at the last minute today to hold things like money, ID, cell phone etc. (costumes without pockets are a real pain)

Looking forward to seeing old friends and making many new ones, but what I’m looking forward to most can be summed up by this video clip.

I’ll be taking my camera and flip video along so I should have lots of crazy photos and video to post in a few weeks. When I return I will do my best to catch up on all the emails and messages.