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Live Video/Chat Streaming from the Workshop.

For those that dont follow my Facebook postings, just wanted to post a link to my Live Cam Stream where you can watch me work on projects and ask me questions via the chat function on the video feed. I broadcast almost daily, and though the hours will vary, I am most often on in the evenings. (EST)

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Commissions Update

Commission orders/requests will resume on September 17, 2012 and will be open for a limited time. Messages/emails time stamped starting on that day will generally be replied to within 24 hours. (anything sent prior to that date will be ignored, or simply sent this form reply) Confirmed orders will then be handled on a first paid, first served basis until all are filled. Wait time for completion of orders will increase as the list grows, but generally takes about 1 to 4 weeks maximum turnaround time for most.

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Are you ready for the Reapers!?

I am…..

If I don’t reply to emails or messages for the next few weeks,..  it’s cause I’m stomping reaper heads. I’ll get back to you after I save the universe.




Mass Effect Costumes Combined Day 22

Day 22: Taking some time to iron out some of the mechanical details on the suits before I move on to the lower legs. Installed elastic joints into the elbows to allow them to stay connected and bend.

Short video showing the elbow assembly on the Male.

l33T Sewing skills!

I wasn’t able to get as much finished in the last 24 hours as I would have liked. While I may have Macgyver like skills with hot glue and floor mats, one of the purest and oldest costume making skills still eludes me to this day. Sewing.

I suck at sewing, did I mention that? (My idea of sewing is that tape you iron) Anyhow, just hand sewing the elastic harness to the clips and hardware took me the better part of the evening. I’m using heavy duty elastic, nylon strapping and Velcro to harness the armor together, so a little thick for machine sewing. (plus the sewing machine scares me) So after stabbing myself for several hours I have all the harness for the torso sewn but still have to install some of it, which I’m doing right now. Shoulder armor delayed until tomorrow.

Using double sided Velcro as the strapping here, which can be adjusted to size. Since the bands themselves are Velcro I can later create a panel that simply sticks on to encase and cover up the strapping, making the breast plate seem as one continuous piece from front to back.

Also spent a while today doing an email interview of sorts for a video game blog site.
Featured news story now on

Mass Effect 2 – N7 Armor Build – Female Update 3

Day 7: Other than painting and attaching some strapping, the back torso is finished.

For the lighting on the shoulder blades I am using some simple sets of battery operated Christmas lights, 30 LED’s total. (powered by 4 AA’s) To install them I simply used an ice pick to puncture holes into the foam where the lights should go. Then I just push the LED’s through the rear of the piece. I then took some semi opaque tubing and cut it to form a cover that fit down over the lights. Using a transparent stain I painted the tubing the correct color. (may still put on another coat to even the color out a little) For the center ring and lower light strip on the tail bone I used about 3 foot of EL wire. (powered by a 9 volt)

The battery packs are stored inside the center piece on the back. Power stitches are easily accessible at the top opening where it joins with the collar.

Mass Effect 2 – N7 Armor Build – Female Update 2

Day 6:

I attached the abdomen to the chest plate making it one piece. The collar and lower spine were attached to the back plate making it one piece. The torso will basically be 2 shell pieces that snap together at the shoulders, ribs and crotch.

Didn’t quite get to the lighting yet, sculpting the plating for the back took a little longer than I thought, but they came out great. Most of the back is built now, still some detailing and polishing work to do on the center piece. Parts are not yet attached, just placed in position for the photos. LED’s and EL wire needs to be installed before attaching.

Back/shoulder blade pattern, raw cut piece, and almost finished being sculpted/sanded.

Parts laid into place.